On the history of mankind energy has a significant role and coal has also the lion share for the industrial revolution and train transport in the world. Many countries including Ethiopia still use coal for the industrial purposes. Based on the company study, our country reserve coal has some impurity and needs purification process. YO Holding coal washing PLC has on the process to install state of the art coal purification and quality upgrade technologies to meet the quality standard that meets the industry requirement.

The company established in the Benishangul-Gumz region with capacity to produce significant metric tons of washed coal and also create employment opportunity for  more than 1000 employees when the company operate on full capacity.

The company has a vision to substitute imported coal to Ethiopia with quality coal supply that can satisfy the industry needs.

Mission, Vision and Objective

The Vision

  • To produce high quality size steam coal product and supply to the market and being the leading company in the supply of inputs for the manufacturing sectors.

The Mission

  • Energizing the Industry by supplying quality coal


  • The general objective of the project is to produce high quality of size and steam coal products that contribute to the countries by import substitution and also potential opportunities in the country by increasing quality supply of size and steam coal products with fair price that stabilize the market.

Core values

  • Ensure customers satisfaction
  • Quality assurance
  • Foster team work
  • Encourage Initiative and innovation
  • Surpass Completion
  • Safeguard the environment

Our Products