Welcome to the YO Group and group of company with diverse industry and sectors. Our Group is facing the challenged and very dynamic business and economic environment with grate vision, passion and team work. Our core value of the group is on investing on peoples for providing exceptional products and services to customers, protecting our environment, and leaving a legacy to the next generation.

We are strategically aligned our aim with the development and growth of Ethiopia and East Africa’s countries product and service needs and gap that contribute positively for the economy. We at the Group committed to support and strengthen the capacity and skills on the company’s employees with knowledge transfer.

We focus on industries such as Metal and other Industry, mining, real-estate and construction, Farm Agro business, textile and garment and trading.

On the company level and on the group, we are devoted to discharge our social responsibilities on every aspect of our capacity.

Finally, on behalf of the Chairman, the Group CEO, the Board of Directors and executives, I would like to thank you all for your support and contribution to our success. I would like to express my gratitude to all shareholders for your trust, to all customers for allowing us to serve you, our business partners, financial institutions for supporting our growth, and to the Board of Directors, the Executive Committees and all employees for your continued trust and support to drive the businesses forward and grow sustainably, in pursuit of the best value for society, shareholders, customers and all stakeholders.

Chairman/ Group CEO
Mequanint Alemu
Yo Holdings

Bamboo Coal
High quality Bamboo Coal for export
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HDPE Pipes
High quality plastic pipes from MWA High-tech Plastic PLC
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Ribbed Steel Bar
Quality Ribbed steel bar for the construction sector
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